Sneaker Essentials Course

Explore every angle of the sneaker business. Learn everything from the creative and designing process all the way to the sales. Curated by the Fashion Institute of Technology(FIT) featuring Complex.

Complex is a Powerful Media collective that reaches over 120,000,000 people. The group consists of a community of creators and curators who are shifting the movements within convergence culture. It caters to the diverse interests of the new multicultural, multifaceted generation.


Six courses, each consisting of 5 to 6 hours of lessons broken down into several smaller modules. Students will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement from the Fashion Institute of Technology upon completion.


  1. Introduction to History and Culture – Explore the history of sneakers and the evolution of sneaker culture.
  2. Design – Gain an understanding of design considerations.
  3. Manufacturing and Production – See how sneakers are made and learn about key steps.
  4. Distribution and Retail – Learn about the ways a sneaker gets to market.
  5. Brand Strategy and Marketing – Delve into sneaker marketing strategy.
  6. Media – The experts from Complex lead instruction on sneaker media.

Instructors and Experts

  • Sarah Mullins – Accessories Design Chair, FIT
  • Gregg Woodcock – Adjunct Instructor Accessories Design, FIT
  • Jeron Smith – Chief Marketing Officer, Curry 30 Inc
  • Nick Depaula – Feature Writer at ESPN, Creative Director of Nice Kicks
  • Joe La Puma – Host of Sneaker Shopping, SVP Content Strategy Complex Media