Music Industry Essentials Course

Explore careers in the music industry and gain an inside understanding of the music business. These courses are curated by NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music featuring Billboard.

Billboard is an American entertainment media brand founded in 1894. Originally created as a print magazine, it published its first music hit parade chart in 1936. By the 1960’s, it shifted its entire focus to everything music and has since been dubbed the “bible” of the recording industry.


Six course modules, each between 2 to 3 hours long and broken down into several shorter lessons. Upon completion of this program, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion from NYU.


  1. History of the Recording Industry – Explore the path from an idea to a song and the development of music in the digital age.
  2. Money Matters in Music – Learn about deals, licensing, management, publishing and more.
  3. Creativity in Content Artistry – Learn to maximize the potential of artists and help them on their path of achievement.
  4. Building Your Image – Who Are You – From social media to journalism and fan engagement, learn the importance of sharing an artist’s story.
  5. Producing the Record – Insight into production philosophy and the importance and roles of a music producer.
  6. Marketing Music in the New Economy – Learn how to identify your audience and master emerging marketing channels.

Instructors and Experts

  • Jeff Rabhan – Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music Department Chair
  • DJ Clark Kent – God’s Favorite DJ
  • Erica Ramon – Artist Manager, DAS Communications
  • Dan Charnas – Associate Arts Professor, NYU
  • Kareem Biggs Burke – Entrepreneur
  • Pete Rock – Producer/DJ, Soul Brother Number One
  • Jalen James Acosta – Founder & CEO, World Artists United
  • Marlon Saunders – Adjunct Instructor, NYU
  • Rachael Karry – Co-Founder & VP, World Artists United
  • Kerry Gordy – CEO, Gordy Enterprises
  • Marc Plotkin & JD Samson – Assistant Arts Professors, NYU
  • Stevie Mackey – Singer/Celebrity Vocal Coach
  • Tiffany Hardin – Strategic Brand Partnerships & Culture Marketing
  • Ryan Leslie – Recording Artist/Producer/CEO & Founder SuperPhone
  • Nick Sansano – Associate Chair, Associate Arts Professor, NYU