Beauty Industry Essentials Course

Learn how beauty products are developed, packaged, and marketed.

Get an inside understanding of how to be a beauty entrepreneur and successful beauty influencer.

Created by the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), featuring Allure.

Allure is an American women’s magazine founded in 1991 that focuses on beauty, fashion, and women’s health. A nationally recognized signature of the magazine is its annual Best of Beauty awards, which gives accolades to the year’s best beauty products.


Contains seven industry courses with over 30 on-demand lessons which build real industry skills through self-paced projects and hands-on exercises.

Upon graduation, the program will award a Certificate of Achievement from the Fashion Institute of Technology.


  1. Introduction & History – Learn about the industry’s history and where some of today’s most iconic brands got their start.
  2. The Cosmetics World & Beauty Artistry – Learn about what goes into making new palettes, shades, textures, and more.
  3. The Business of Fragrance – Learn how fragrances are developed and marketed as well as the kinds of jobs within this market.
  4. Product Knowledge & Development – Walkthrough the process of development, testing, and distribution.
  5. Packaging & Presentation – Understand the importance of packaging design in brand communication.
  6. Beauty Marketing and Merchandising – Learn tactics for forecasting trends and creating successful launches.
  7. Beauty Media – Learn the foundations of beauty journalism, influencer marketing and the future of digital media.

Instructors and Experts

  • Meeta Roy – Assistant Prof. Fashion Business Management, and Luxury Brand Consultant, FIT
  • Virginia Bonofiglio – Assistant Prof. and Chair, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, FIT
  • Tiffani Carter-Thompson – Vice President Integrated Communications
  • Poppy King – Founder of Lipstick Queen
  • Michelle Lee – Editor in Chief, Allure
  • Bobbi Brown – Founder Bobbi Brown Cosmetics & justBOBBI